Success Stories

You’re amazing!

Natalie, I am DEEPLY humbled by the intense care, sacrifice, and devotion you displayed to help me. I really can’t thank you enough. You are a lifesaver! Thank you again, you’re amazing.
With great gratitude,

Natalie follows through, helps keep me focused…

Natalie follows through, reminds me of things, helps keep me focused, gives me ideas and helps me meet deadlines. And thanks so much for your great creativity! 

Natalie is a star player

My team was growing fast and I needed a tech-savvy digital marketing expert to support my Marketing Manager. I found Natalie. She has been an invaluable player on my team that supports hundreds of thousands of women globally with their personal finances. Natalie rebranded our landing pages, worked on our Facebook ads campaign that brought in thousands of new subscribers each day, helped us update our sales funnels and helped us organize our marketing activities. She works fast, she’s efficient, she has a pleasant spirit and she offers fresh ideas to help me uplevel my business. Natalie is a star player and I would definitely recommend her for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses to the next level.

Tiffany Aliche, "The Budgetnista"

Extremely professional, prompt and reliable

Natalie is extremely professional, prompt and reliable.  She is extremely open and receptive to ideas and direction, and is very capable of providing meaningful ideas and solutions. I plan on continuing my relationship with Natalie and would absolutely recommend her services.

Very responsive and gave me just what I wanted

Our company wanted to change our website over to WordPress without losing our branding. I just needed something simple, yet professional that looked like our old site. Since web designers can be expensive (and can sometimes disappear), I hesitated for a long time to find one.

Natalie Washington was very responsive and gave me just what I wanted for my perfect company website. When tech problems came up she helped us work through them in a way that was commendable.

I would definitely recommend her service and look forward to future projects with her. 

Natalie put together complex funnels that allowed my marketing and sales processes to run smoothly.

I had a lot of ideas and needed to properly sequence implementation strategies to create increasing revenue streams. Natalie patiently helped me organize my ideas and helped me to develop the structure for my websites. She put together complex funnels that allowed my marketing and sales processes to run smoothly. I was able to grow my list and successfully launch my webinar. Natalie is highly-skilled, talented, caring and reliable. If you are looking for a tech-savvy virtual professional, Natalie can help you achieve your goal.

My number one recommendation time and again

Natalie has been a big help to me and several of my other clients. Her responsiveness, quality of work and reasonable rates make her my number one recommendation time and again. 

My Facebook campaign yielded an 80% ROI!

Natalie is a tech genius. She helped me launch a successful Facebook campaign that yielded an 80% return on investment!

You are cheerful and encouraging!

Natalie, what a privilege and delight to work with you!  Thank you for nurturing this right-brained artist/minister into the world of websites!  You reassured me when I was totally clueless about technology and have provided me with the educational tools needed to keep going.  I deeply appreciate your efficiency, artistry, persistence and patience.  I will be recommending you to friends and colleagues.  And, no doubt, returning for help! Thanks again! Blessings, 

Rev. Jane Anne Ferguson
Online Story Consultant

She really knows how to put together a Telesummit

Putting together The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit required just the right VA.  I was amazed to find someone who had just the right skill mix – Natalie Washington was an experienced, skilled and supportive VA, and just what I needed to get all the techie side of things sorted.  Not only that, she really knows how to put together a Telesummit and helped me finalise my speaker list to ensure it was a success.  The cheering on from the sidelines was a welcome side benefit!  Natalie comes recommended as an intelligent and talented individual.

Natalie made the whole process a breeze

It was a pleasure working with Natalie. I needed her to help me with branding new online course materials I had put together and preparing them in an auto-responder series for a new course I wanted to launch. This work would have been very time consuming for me to do myself, but Natalie made the whole process a breeze.

She checked in with me regularly to keep me on-track with where the project was throughout all the stages, sought clarification with me on anything that she wasn’t sure about, and completed the job with efficiency and of a high standard. She went above and beyond what I required to ensure the project was completed to my expectations.

Natalie’s existing background knowledge in the subject matter of health and wellness was also a great help in understanding what was required. She was able to see the big picture and understood exactly what I wanted.

I’d definitely recommend Natalie as a success angel for taking the stress out of your business and the technical jobs that you need to get done.

The best person for any job you have in mind!

Natalie Washington is, without a doubt, the best person for any job you have in mind!  She is patient, dedicated, quick, and efficient in all of her efforts.  Natalie is very intelligent and highly creative, so she is able to make suggestions and rapidly advance your projects with little input or supervision. She took my drab website and made it sparkle!  She is worth every penny!

S. Kandan
M.D. candidate & Certified Health Coach

Natalie understood how I worked

I am an entrepreneur who very quickly found myself overwhelmed with TTD (Things To Do). I had used numerous assistance vehicles, but it was always a cat in the bag. I was so happy to discover Success Angel, because very quickly Natalie understood how I worked, and did whatever I needed. I was especially happy with her work systems, which include a strong work ethic. I suggest strongly that you work with Natalie, because it will help you move forward quickly and achieve your goals.

Gidon Ariel

I gave her a tight timeline and she delivered

Natalie did a fantastic job on on the recipes for my book.  I was looking for about 20 vegan, gluten free, processed sugar free recipes for boosting fertility naturally.  Her recipes were creative, delicious, yet easy to follow and had an international flare.  I gave her a tight timeline and she delivered before the deadline.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone for recipe development and for quick turn around.  Thank you Natalie!

Sarah Clark
SesaHealth Coaching

Gets the work done super-efficiently

Natalie is a great VA because she not only gets the work done super-efficiently, but she does so taking her own initiative so that you can leave it to her and not be concerned that it won’t be done right or that you’ll need to chase her up, or conversely, that she’ll be bombarding you with needy questions. Thanks again Natalie, for the great work you do! 

I am so grateful

After five days of recording, 23 hours of conversation needed transcription.  And I had two problems: both the “how” and the “when?!” Timothy Ferriss’s 4-Hour Work Week discussed virtual assistants, but how would I find the right one for my project? I found Natalie Washington whose accomplishments included authoring a cookbook. My girl! Bless her heart, my virtual assistant persevered and eventually I had transcriptions that would become the text for Hubert Keller’s Souvenirs.  Even though both Hubert’s name and mine are on the cover of Hubert Keller’s Souvenirs as authors, a whole tribe of folks made the book possible. And for Natalie Washington, I am so grateful. 



Gives her all

Natalie is very hard working and efficient; she is timely and thoughtful; always looking for way to advance the interests of the company and not just waiting on a paycheck. She never does anything half-heartedly but gives her all to the situation. She has always been willing to spend any maximum amount of time to see a project through its logical conclusion. 

Anthony Briggs
Owner, Communicators Press Book Publishing

Thanks for getting the work done so quickly

Thanks for getting the work done so quickly.

Fred R. Talisman MFT


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